Tasco® sun-dried kelp (seaweed) is drastically different than commodity kelp typically used in pet food. Tasco is known as the “Superfood of the Sea.” Ascophyllum nodosum, a unique species of kelp noted for its incredible ability to withstand one of the harshest environments on earth, Canada’s Bay of Fundy where Tasco is harvested by hand. This product has a prebioitic and antioxidant effect, it is cost effective while being produced with the highest quality standards.

Selko TNIbetain accumulates in GIT cells to assist in maintaining gut tissue health and help support the digestive tract during times of stress. Selko TNIbetain alleviates digestive problems, reduces the effects of gut infections, mitigates diarrhea and can reduce energy expenditure for maintaining cell metabolism by creating more efficient water balance in cells. It is the missing link to the formula pet food manufactures are turning to.



Boost Immune Health
All Natural

Product Information

Guaranteed Analysis
Recommended Use
Stability and Shelf Life


Form: Flakes or Powder

Color: Olive Green

Odor: Marine-like

Solubility: Insoluble

Guaranteed Analysis

Organic Matter                     60-70%

Ash Minerals


Maximum Moisture



Bulk Density


Stability and Shelf Life

Store Tasco in a cool place. Avoid exposure to high humidity or moisture levels. Tasco is good for 3 years from the date of manufacture. 

Add Tasco because it is better than commodity kelp and will help the pet and the environment.

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Tasco Comparison Chart