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As a Companion Animal Nutritionist, Dr. Tayler Hansen plays a key role in assisting Trouw Nutrition customers with formulation, while accounting for label goals, regulations and pet health. Dedicated to the success of our customers, Dr. Hansen provides technical assistance, training and education.

She supports the Companion Animal Nutrition team by assisting with the development of science-backed nutritional and ingredient strategies for Trouw Nutrition’s U.S. pet nutrition operations. In cooperation with the Trouw Nutrition Innovation Team, she brings new ideas, develops business cases for new products and services, and helps set priorities for new initiatives.

While pursuing Bachelor of Science degrees in both Animal Science and Mathematics from the University of Florida, Hansen served as a Research Assistant, collecting equine gastrointestinal health data, measuring mineral digestibility, and completing her undergraduate thesis on foal behavior and cognitive function.

She then attended the University of Kentucky, where she earned her Master of Science in Animal and Food Sciences. In a Graduate Research Assistant capacity, Hansen supported equine research studies on nutrition, behavior and the gut microbiota, resulting in authorship and co-authorship of three peer-reviewed journal articles and six conference abstracts. She served as a Teaching Assistant for an undergraduate nutrition course, while also guest lecturing at high school, undergraduate and graduate classes.

Hansen then transitioned back to the University of Florida, where she earned her Doctor of Philosophy in Animal Sciences with a minor in Agronomy. While pursuing her doctoral degree, she designed experiments, developed laboratory protocols and managed research projects, including supervising 20 undergraduate research assistants. Her work earned her three first-author refereed papers and 14 conference abstracts.

Following graduation, Dr. Hansen joined Cornell University as a Postdoctoral Associate where she developed and tested the Ruminant Farm Systems (RuFaS) model in collaboration with an interdisciplinary team.

Some of her key publications include “Postprandial blood glucose and insulin responses of horses to feeds differing in soluble fiber concentrations,” published in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science; “A pilot study exploring the relationship between digesta retention time in the equine gastrointestinal tract and compartmental models,” also published in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, and “Digestibility and retention time of Coastal bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon) hay by horses,” published in Animals.

As an active industry member, Dr. Hansen has volunteered for Second Chance Thoroughbreds and Florida 4-H.

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