Ingredient Intelligence® Insights

The “not-so-secret” ingredient that explains why
Trouw Nutrition can do for customers what others can’t

We’ve been sourcing and blending dry ingredients for animal nutrition for over 90 years (and counting). So what?

For one thing, this level of experience makes us different, unique in the industry. But here’s what’s more important: experience imparts knowledge. And dry ingredient blending knowledge allows us to do for you, our premium petfood customers, what others can’t. And yet, experience and knowledge only carry you so far. It’s important to keep learning...stay curious.

The only source of knowledge is experience.
Albert Einstein

A little history...
Years ago, Trouw Nutrition USA chose a narrow path forward: 1) only premixes and dry ingredient blending, and 2) only for premium petfood customers. And so, from that day forward, every bit of questioning and learning, knowledge and experience became 100% applicable to premium petfood customers.

For a while, this made things easier, until we realized...

Focus, experience and knowledge deliver value only when they are:

  • Distilled...
  • And shared (across our enterprise and with our customers)...
  • In ways that can be put into practice

So, we took on this work. We even put a name to it: “Ingredient Intelligence® insights.” And we gave this approach an internal battle cry that describes the mindset we ask our people to live by in their work:

Never stop questioning, learning and sharing insights with customers
on how ingredients perform: in manufacturing...and in animals.

Now, imagine what happens when you combine this mindset with ideas, knowledge and experience of our really smart customers working inside today’s most innovative premium petfood brands. Together, we can do some pretty amazing things.

The story of Ingredient Intelligence® insights

When you blend ingredients together...chemistry happens. Pay attention to that chemistry over time and you develop a grasp of what works and what doesn’t: Ingredient Intelligence insights – the art and science of what’s possible and practical.

And here’s the bottom line: Trouw Nutrition Ingredient Intelligence insights help our technical team and yours understand and predict with greater confidence how ingredients will behave, alone and in combination.

To come by Ingredient Intelligence insights, we...

  • Analyze ingredients in our Ingredient Research Center located at our Highland, Illinois headquarters.
  • Perform research, observe and measure how ingredients behave during blending and manufacturing – over many decades, across our multiple sites.
    • Consult with external experts in pet nutrition and health, blending, and consumer trends
    • Continuously review published research and emerging science
    • Collaborate on new research with leading petfood research institutions
  • Combine all of this with our experience in dry ingredient blending and knowledge of pet nutrition.

And that’s just the start. We’re working on big things for the future, too. 

What can our team do for you?

Want to know how to improve flowability of your formula? Need to identify novel and effective ingredients to promote pet health?  Interested in prototyping blends before going full-scale? We should talk.

No matter the topic, bring us your ingredient and blending challenges. Chances are we can share experiences and the knowledge we’ve uncovered in the past 90+ years that can help us help you by unleashing the power of Ingredient Intelligence insights.

Ingredient Intelligence® is a trademark of Trouw Nutrition, a Nutreco company.

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