Functional Ingredients


The functional ingredients Trouw Nutrition carries are all backed by science. These products are hand-selected based on the uniqueness and benefits they provide pet food diets. These products will help differentiate your premium brand and provide specific goals for your formula to gain additional shelf space.


Many trace minerals become unstable in the harsh environment of the digestive tract and may become passively absorbed. Optimin® Organic Trace Minerals remain stable and available, keeping the nutrients available for the pet when they need them. With over 20 years of scientific research and chemistry demonstrating Optimin chelated minerals are similar chemistry to nature‚Äč, they are the trace mineral of choice.

BENEO's Orafti Inulin

As an all-natural prebiotic fiber, Beneo Orafti Inulin improves intestinal well-being throughout all life stages. Derived from chicory roots, Beneo Orafti Inulin is all-natural and a verified prebiotic, supported by extensive research.




Promote comfort and mobility in pets with PurforMSM®, the purest form of Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), produced in the U.S. using a proprietary distillation process unmatched in the industry.

Selko TNIbetain

All-natural Selko TNIbetain® (trimethylglycine) reduces the effects of heat stress and gut infections, providing relief to pets, in addition to helping boost energy during strenuous exercise.


Backed by years of scientific studies, Tasco® sun-dried kelp provides premium nutrition beyond the basic pet food diet, distinguishing your brand and providing key claims that appeal to pet parents and consumers of premium and super-premium pet foods.

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