As an all-natural prebiotic fiber, Beneo Orafti Inulin improves intestinal well-being throughout all life stages. Derived from chicory roots, Beneo Orafti Inulin is all-natural and a verified prebiotic, supported by extensive research.


Prebiotics orafti inulin and oligofructose are naturally extracted from chicory roots and not synthesized from sugar, providing pets with a healthy soluble fiber source. It can also serve as a texturizer for technological applications.


All Natural
Guaranteed GMO-Free
Improved Nutrient Absorption

Product Information

Guaranteed Analysis
Recommended Use
Stability and Shelf Life


Color: White

Appearance: Powder

Guaranteed Analysis

Inulin and oligofructose occur naturally in many plants and vegetables; the chicory root is a particularly wealthy source of these plant storage carbohydrates. Thanks to extensive scientific research, inulin and oligofructose have the most heavily documented nutritional benefits of all prebiotic fibers.

Stability & Shelf Life

5 years from date of production. Store the product in a well-closed container in a cool, dry area.

The prebiotic that is delivered throughout digestion, not just at the beginning or the end of the colon.


Excellent source of prebiotic fiber
Stimulates growth of beneficial bacteria
Extends carbohydrate fermentation
Promotes gut health
Reduces urinary ammonia excretion
Minimizes odor



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