Moisture Testing

Although some moisture in pet food premix occurs naturally, especially with moisture in the air, too much moisture can diminish vitamin potency, cause caking of ingredients and lead to mold.

We monitor for:

  • Vitamin Potency
  • Ingredient Caking
  • Mold

We know the moisture content of every ingredient to better predict the moisture level in the premix. Moisture testing can often be an overlooked quality control measure, but moisture can instigate poor product performance. 


Whereas third-party testing can take up to seven days for results, Trouw Nutrition’s Halogen Moisture Analyzer can provide results in just seven minutes. With this high-performance moisture analysis, we can provide a Certificate of Analysis of every product lot detailing an acceptable moisture level and the test results.

Sample Moisture Test Result



Rejection Minimum

Rejection Maximum





< 2

> 6




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