Premixes provide the end product with a more uniform dispersion of key vitamins and minerals. Many factors ensure the premix is a homogenous mix with the correct mixing times needed for each formula. High-potency vitamins, minerals, and nutraceuticals added to the finished formula at very low inclusion rates require premixing to sufficiently disperse them into the final food.

Options Available

Custom Formulation

Trouw Nutrition custom formulates many of our vitamin and trace mineral premixes, giving us the experience to tailor your premixes to your precise specifications and goals. From non-GMO, grain-free, organic, vegetarian, vegan, to dog breed-specific, we will customize the premix to accommodate your exact needs. 

Vitamin Premixes

Whether dry or liquid feed, vitamins vary in stability and solubility, affecting the form in which they are included and how they will ultimately be delivered. Minerals can adversely affect vitamins' stability and potency, making straight vitamin premixes more stable while minimizing loss of potency. With the proper formulation, vitamin premix shelf life can last up to six months.

Mineral Premixes

When storing a premix for longer than 45 days, separating the premix into a straight vitamin premix and a straight mineral premix lengthens the shelf life. Because of the less volatile nature of mineral premixes, it maintains an extended shelf life of 12 to 24 months.

Vitamin - Trace Mineral Premixes

By combining vitamins and trace minerals into a single premix, the risk of ingredient error and "hand-adds" drastically decreases. When you use a Trouw Nutrition premix, we assume the high-risk burden for you.

We choose Trouw Nutrition's premixes because of their commitment to safety and quality. If Trouw Nutrition says it’s the right thing to do, we need to listen to them and do it.
Trouw Nutrition Customer

If you are not sure what premix is right for you, Trouw Nutrition offers a standard premix for customers. Our standard premix can be purchased to utilize in your mix to take the headache away and the decision off your plate.

Smallest mix size can be from 200-500 pounds based on bulk density

Please note minimum order quantities could apply. 

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