Many trace minerals become unstable in the harsh environment of the digestive tract and may become passively absorbed. Optimin® Organic Trace Minerals remain stable and available, keeping the nutrients available for the pet when they need them. With over 20 years of scientific research and chemistry demonstrating Optimin chelated minerals are similar chemistry to nature, they are the trace mineral of choice by mimicking mother nature.

Supplemental trace minerals can be delivered in many forms – inorganic oxides, inorganic sulfates, organic complexes, and organic chelates are the most commonly used. Organic escorts protect trace minerals through digestion. Simple complexed trace minerals are less stable since they are bonded by only one attachment point. Chelates, by contrast, such as Optimin Organic Trace Minerals have greater stability due to at least two attachment points to their organic escort, significantly increasing the probability that the trace mineral will remain protected.

They remain available to the pet until needed, greatly increasing the likelihood that chelates will be absorbed by the pet. These minerals are nutritious, high-quality and safe.


Healthier Skin and Coat
Boost Immune Health
Mother Nature's Way

Product Information

Guaranteed Analysis
Recommended Use
Stability and Shelf Life


  • Total Zinc min. 15% (guaranteed analysis)
  • Moisture max. 8% (in original unopened bag)
  • Appearance powder
  • Color light cream
  • Odor characteristic

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Optimin Zinc 15%
  • Optimin Manganese 15%
  • Optimin Iron 15%
  • Optimin Copper 15%
  • Optimin SeY 3000

Stability & Shelf Life

Store in a cool, dry place in original packaging and protect from humidity (Above -10° C). Keep product container tightly sealed when not in use. This product is stable in pelleting and extrusion processes. This product is stable in the original unopened bag for 2 years from the manufacturing date. Batch number and Manufacturing date: see bag label.

Optimin chelation stability is considerably stronger than any other product on the market!

Optimin Organic Trace Minerals are available in a wide variety of straight minerals or as formulated premixes. To obtain the strongest chelated minerals on the market and increase your product’s appeal to pet food consumers, contact your Trouw Nutrition representative, call 800.365.1357 or email info@trouwnutrition.com.

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