Natural Selko TNIbetain

Selko TNIbetain® (trimethylglycine) is an all-natural product that has low hydroscopicity and is safe to use when blended with vitamins. It can be used as a partial replacement for choline while having many desired benefits for pets. It reduces the effects of heat stress and gut infections, providing relief to pets, in addition to helping boost energy during strenuous exercise.

Selko TNIbetain accumulates in GIT cells to assist in maintaining gut tissue health and help support the digestive tract during times of stress. Selko TNIbetain alleviates digestive problems, reduces the effects of gut infections, mitigates diarrhea and can reduce energy expenditure for maintaining cell metabolism by creating more efficient water balance in cells. It is the missing link to the formula pet food manufactures are turning to.


Enhance Gut Health
Enhanced Energy
All Natural

Product Information

Guaranteed Analysis
Recommended Use
Stability and Shelf Life


Betaine anhydrous (HPLC) min. 96%

Moisture max. 1.5% (in original unopened packaging)

Ash (residue on ignition) max. 1.5%

Guaranteed Analysis

Betaine anhydrous 96%

Formula C5H11NO2

Molecular weight 117.15 g/mol

Stability and Shelf Life

This product is stable in pelleting and extrusion processes. This product is stable in the original unopened bag for 2 years from the manufacturing date. Batch number and manufacturing date: see bag label. Store in a cool, dry place in original packaging and protect from humidity. Keep product container tightly sealed when not in use.


Minimize your issue with Choline and start using Selko TNIbetain

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