Our Facilities

Trouw Nutrition has a dedicated premix & blend facility in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, United Kingdom. 


Welcome to Ashbourne

View our dedicated pet plant.

Plant & Laboratory Certification


ISO 22000

Food Safety

Trouw Nutrition is the only premix supplier in the UK to achieve ISO
22000:2005 Food Safety Standard accreditation. More commonly found in human food facilities, this HACCP standard covers the entire production chain and enables constant interactive communication of key performance indicators.


ISO 17025

Laboratory Analysis 

Our on-site laboratories offer a one-stop-shop for premix and pet food analysis, covering NIR fingerprinting, ‘undesirable’ substances, mycotoxins and accelerated shelf-life testing, using UKAS-accredited methods (ISO 17025:2005). 
Our sister company, Masterlab, further enhances our in-house analytical capability.



Supplier Ethical Data Exchange 

We are also Sedex 4 pillar-accredited. Independently audited, Sedex covers labour standards, health & safety protocols, environmental management standards, ethical trading assurance and sustainability. For all those reasons, it’s an accreditation which is increasingly being demanded by branded retailers.


Members of the

Pet Food Manufacturer's Association

The PFMA is the leading trade body for the UK pet food industry and the 100 members account for over 90% of the market.

Safety is a top priority at our facilities

The safety of our employees, visitors and products is paramount to us; therefore, compliance with our safety and quality requirements is mandatory.

At our facilities we know our most valuable assets are our employees. We live a culture of safety everyday by protecting ourselves and one another. Our goal is to create an incident-free work environment so our employees and colleagues can some home safely.


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