Vitamin Testing

Vitamins are vital nutrients that are precise, accurate, and evenly dispersed in the mix. If they are not, they can cause many adverse side effects in our pets. At Trouw Nutrition, we test vitamin testing is crucial to ensure every mix has the exact amounts they need.

Vitamin testing is very important to us, that is why we maintain our International Organization for Standardization (ISO)/IEC 17025:2017 certification for premix analysis, a specialization rare to the pet food industry, by completing proficiency testing throughout the year conducted by ISO-certified vendors. 

Ask your current supplier about their ISO certification and make sure it mentions pet food specifically!

Recognizing the importance and value of vitamin testing, Trouw Nutrition conducts its global ring test, whereby an unidentified sample is tested across multiple locations, and the results are compared.

What makes the Trouw Wyandotte Analytical Laboratory unique? Three words: People, experience and culture
DeAnn Lazere, Laboratory Analyst at Trouw Nutrition’s vitamin analytical laboratory

Trouw Nutrition’s chemistry lab in Wyandotte, MI uses high-performance liquid chromatography, an analytical chemistry technique for separating, identifying and quantifying the various components in a mixture. The team employs a unique cleanup method between every sample vitamin test to prevent cross-contamination and ensure accuracy.

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