Specialty Blends

Trouw Nutrition’s unique blending system

As the pet food industry grows and advances to meet the evolving needs of pets and pet parents, we want you to know we are there to help you deliver what the market demands. Within our dedicated pet food premixing facility, the Ashbourne site operates a specialist tumble mix system that allows us to combine the most challenging of ingredients in terms of handling properties, colour or odour. Being a stand-alone, wash down facility we can produce blends and premixes for the most sensitive and complex of pet diets.

Developed from concepts of blending in the pharmaceutical world and with our best-in-class quality management systems, we offer even more flexibility and the ability to partner with you on highly specific and functional blends. By working with you we can share our technical and ingredient expertise to help you develop innovative pet food products, thereby supporting on-pack claims that do deliver the health benefits demanded by the market.

Vitamins Amino Acids Flow Agents Mycotoxin Binders
Macro & Trace Minerals Functional Minerals Cereal & Non-Cereal Carriers Algae and Seaweed Powders
Fruit Powders Herb Powders Preservatives Functional Yeasts
Vegetable Powders, Starches & Proteins Active Ingredients & Functional Nutaceuticals Antioxidants - Synthetic & Natural Product Enhancing Ingredients


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