Science and Innovation

Whether we are forming a premix or a specialised blend, science and innovation play a key role in the development of each product we make. We evaluate the properties of ingredients to better understand how they behave in a mix. We use innovation to bring in new quality procedures, equipment and protocols to ensure safety in every batch.  


At Trouw Nutrition, we use our knowledge of vitamins and minerals to put together premixes, base blends and specialty blends. Each time we make a product, we evaluate the vitamin sources and properties as well as the factors affecting stability. For trace mineral sources and properties, we evaluate the mixability of ingredients and premixes. Understand the role carriers, diluents and binders play in making a quality mix are all factors we evaluate to make sure we have looked at the quality measures to ensure superior quality mixes.  

We mix Science with Quality

Our basic principles are: Trust, Collaboration, Expertise, and Innovation. These items all speak to our culture of completing tasks right the first time. We strive every day to make improvements in our systems, our processes and our people.

Items important to evaluate in every mix:

  • Hygroscopicity
  • Solubility
  • Particle size
  • Bulk density
  • Flowability
  • Microscopic characteristics
  • Dust properties
  • Measure the uniformity of the mix

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