Our formulators can use this information to adjust the composition and prevent flowability issues. PFT measurements can also be used for benchmarking, in which a single sample result is compared to the historical data set of all ingredients and premixes to identify significant differences. Similarly, we can use PFT measurements to aid the development of new formulations. New ingredients or blends can be compared to the historical data set to gauge its handling based on previous measurements.

Premix or Blend consistency and accuracy are key to nutritious diets.

Why is PFT important? It helps determine the following characteristics.

  • Particle Size Determination
  • Flowability (the ability of feed ingredients or premixes to flow during handling)
  • Bulk density (a measurement of the weight of a given volume)
  • Wall friction (the amount of friction between a powder and a given wall surface)
  • Compressibility (a measure of the change in volume resulting from the application of external pressure)
  • Normal stress (stress applied perpendicularly to the sample)
  • Shear stress (stress between parallel layers of ingredients or between a layer of ingredient and the PFT sample lid)

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