Trouw Nutrition Ingredients

Every ingredient brought into Trouw Nutrition’s facilities starts in Quality Assurance.

All Trouw Nutrition ingredients are Feed Grade Ingredients.

Our team reviews collected documents (e.g., specifications, SDS, audits, labels, and samples). The ingredient then goes through a five-stage risk assessment.

This assessment is completed for each raw material:

1. Food safety

2. Sustainability

3. Physical characteristics

4. Nutritional parameters

5. HSE (Health Safety and Environment) impact

Ingredient specifications are created based on identified nutritional requirements and risks. Each supplier and/or manufacturer signs a Product Quality Agreement (PQA). The PQA contains customer and Trouw Nutrition expectations and specifications that each ingredient must meet.

In addition, testing is designed specifically for each ingredient and the risks associated with the ingredient. Additional tests may be performed based on need or customer requests. Suppliers and manufacturers are evaluated according to global and local quality standards. The evaluation includes quality, risks and hazards, social responsibility, and past third-party audits.

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