Selko Fysal

Controls Enterobacteriaceae in raw materials and pet food production.

Most pets are susceptible to bacterial infections like Salmonella however, contamination does not necessarily result in clinical disease. In both dogs and cats, it is far more common that an Enterobacteriaceae infection (like Salmonella) expresses in a carrier state rather than clinical. Generally, if pets have a healthy immune system and are exposed to low numbers if Enterobacteriaceae they will not experience clinical symptoms. However, contaminated pet food or the pet itself can transmit the bacteria to humans and especially infants, the elderly and those with a sub-optimal immune system are more susceptible to diseases like Salmonella infection. It is therefore important that pet food is free from any Enterobacteriaceae contamination and safe for humans to handle.

Salmonella can be easily introduced into the feed by contaminated ingredients, sub-optimal processing, and sub-hygienic transport, storage, distribution, and administration. Organic acid-based feed additives like Fysal can improve petfood hygiene and reduce the risk of recontamination thereby supporting the health of our pets and their owners.

How it works

Fysal reduces Enterobacteriaceae in pet food and raw materials. The organic acids in Fysal are partly buffered, making them less susceptible to evaporation. As a result, the long lasting efficacy may reduce the chances of recontamination.


  • Reduction of (re-) contamination risk of harmful bacteria
  • Improves pet food safety and quality
  • Long-lasting efficacy due to buffering of organic acids

Product application

Fysal products should be applied in raw materials or final pet food, in order to reduce the risk of harmful microbes and to prevent (re-)contamination. It can be used as both a preservative or corrective action.


  • Blend of buffered and non-buffered organic acids and their salts, either in liquid or dry form

  • Inclusion of Medium Chain Fatty acids (within specific products) help Enterobacteriaceae be more accessible to organic acids

  • Applied through hydrated solution with dedicated dosing equipment


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