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Trace minerals support biological functions that are required for proper immune function, hair quality, and strong muscle and bones. They are present in raw materials used for pet food, but supplementation is often needed to meet the needs of the animal. Stability and thus the availability of the trace mineral source differs a lot. Traditionally, minerals have been categorized as either organic or inorganic, but a newly defined category of trace minerals, known as hydroxy trace minerals.

How it works

Selko® IntelliBond® is the first line of hydroxy trace minerals for use in animal feeds IntelliBond is proven to be an effective source of copper, zinc, and manganese for animals. The low solubility of IntelliBond at neutral pH results in less interaction in the pet food/premix and in the upper gastrointestinal tract. This means more metal is available for use by the animal where it is needed most. Exclusive OptiSize® particle technology creates uniform particles, making IntelliBond non-hygroscopic.

  • High stability: Many trace mineral sources can reduce feed quality, due to their reactivity, for example, degrading vitamins or binding to nutrients. Our solutions are stable and do not interact with antagonists in the feed.
  • Low solubility: IntelliBond has low solubility, avoiding negative interactions in the upper digestive tract and the rumen. They are more soluble in a low pH environment allowing a slower, more stable release throughout the gastrointestinal tract.
  • High bioavailability: The strong bonds and unique chemical structure that our solutions have increase trace metal absorption from the intestinal tract and into the blood system.
  • Sustainability: IntelliBond supports increased trace metal absorption while minimizing environment excretion
  • Traceability: All our solutions are handled with the greatest care. History of a production lot includes identifying the origin of raw materials, the processing conditions of the production lot, results of raw material and final product test analysis, source and origin of packaging, and the customers to whom the production lot was distributed.

Product application
Selko IntelliBond is intended to be used as a nutritional feed additive as a source of trace mineral supplementation in companion animals.

- Patented OptiSize

  • Hydroxy trace mineral source
  • Source of Zinc, Copper, and Manganese


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