Promote comfort and mobility in pets with PurforMSM®, the purest form of Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), produced in the U.S. using a proprietary distillation process unmatched in the industry.

Other manufacturers purify MSM using crystallization, a wash and centrifuge process designed to separate impurities and byproducts introduced during manufacturing. As crystals form, occlusions (pockets) develop that can entrap contaminants present in the solution. The purity of the crystals depends on the quality of the water and the raw materials used in manufacturing.

By contrast, PurforMSM, is purified using a proprietary four-stage distillation process to provide the purest form of MSM available. Distillation uses heat to separate impurities through unique boiling points. Impurities and byproducts that boil below or above 478° F are removed during this process, leaving pure MSM and eliminating concerns for contamination or consistency.



Improved Mobility
Joint Health

Product Information

Guaranteed Analysis
Recommended Use
Stability and Shelf Life


Appearance – powder

Color -             milky     

Species -          companion animal and equine

Guaranteed Analysis

Analytical Specifications Third part lab validated method  
Physiochemical Method Specification
Volatile Purity MSM-GC/FID 1 >99.8%
Melting Point USP/NF <741> 109.5C +- 1.0C
Water Content USP/NF <921|a> <0.1%
DMSO Content MSM-GC/FID 1 <0.05%


Stability and Shelf Life

5 years from production date

Why should pet food companies use

Features and benefits



Joint health and range of motion


Research shows that MSM down-regulates inflammatory markers that damage cartilage and protects its integrity

Respiratory health

MSM has shown improvement in upper and lower respiratory symptoms due to seasonal allergies

Nail/hoof health

MSM is a rich source of sulfur, a key constituent for healthy nails and hooves

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